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Tree of Life

Artist Bio

Based in Bellevue Nebraska, John Bowling creates tree sculptures made from copper and aluminum wire.  Originally owning a rock and mineral store, John tends to incorporate natural and semi-precious stones within his creations.

John gravitates towards the Tree of Life due to its universal symbolism.

The Tree of Life means we are not an island. Rather, we are all interconnected with the world around us and dependent upon this interconnectivity for our ability to thrive.

Artist Statement

The tree has personal symbolism and meaning to me and to my work.  I like to incorporate basic mediums such as Aluminum and Copper, along with Natural Stones, that mimic the simplistic yet complex beauty each tree embodies.

I remember being transfixed as a boy, riding along with my dad, through the wide-open plains of central Nebraska.  I was fascinated with the wind-blown trees that outlined roads and farmlands.  Mother nature sculptures them with years of unrelenting and unforgiving winds. 

I enjoy creating sculptures that remind me of those memories.  I tend to focus on the roots as they hidden from view but essential for providing nourishment and connects the tree to mother earth.

Bellevue, Nebraska

Tel: 402-302-1890

framed wire sculpture.JPG
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